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David, Angel, and Steven

Helping the HUNGRY, Homeless and Hurting

The authentic Christian community at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission allows friendship to bloom, especially for Angel, Steven, and David. These three men are now housemates living in southwest Philadelphia and first met at the Mission. Steven shared, “We all came to Sunday Breakfast because we knew it was the best shelter in Philly. The staff cares about you”.

Angel is a man in his mid-50s who does not mince words. Originally from the Lansdale area, he struggled with homelessness throughout his adult life. After trying for more than a year to connect with services in his area, he came to Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission. “I hoped I’d finally find a place that would accept me and help me; I was tired of being homeless,” Angel shared without hesitation. When he arrived at the Mission in January 2020, he met David.

In his late 50s, David came to the Mission because of strained relationships with his family. David and Angel became fast friends who made their minds up to get an apartment together and find a way out of homelessness as quickly as possible. Six weeks later, Steven came to Sunday Breakfast after being incarcerated. Steven first met Angel because their beds were across from one another in the shelter. Unlike David and Angel, Steven is stoic and quiet. They grew their friendship while taking long walks, for exercise, around Center City.

“I was humbled by my time at Sunday Breakfast and they brought Jesus into my life.” David

They were committed to not staying in a shelter for long. They began meeting with Kelly, the Mission’s Case Manager, to find an apartment together. Immediately, they faced a new reality; the world was in a health crisis. There were no programs, services, or resources available to help them as the world around them shut down. “We realized that we would have to be patient, stay engaged, and keep encouraged if we wanted to improve our lives,” David said, reflecting on the last year.

“I was humbled by my time at Sunday Breakfast,” David continued, “and they brought Jesus into my life.” David, Angel, and Stephen waited, and they focused on growing their faith and began attending church every Sunday hosted at the Mission.

The Homeless Service Team, concerned about these older adults’ health in a group setting like the Mission, worked diligently to get all three men placed in the City’s Safe Space program as soon as possible. All three men were accepted into this program shortly after it opened. They moved to the hotel shelter in August 2020, a move made possible by the relationship built by our Homeless Services Team with the Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services. Between August and January, finding a permanent place to call home was the three friends’ primary focus.

On January 22, 2021, David, Angel, and Steven moved into a three-bedroom home in Southwest Philadelphia. As the self-proclaimed planner, Steven coordinates monthly house meetings between the men. “We get together every month, share encouragement, and then address anything that we need to work on together,” David said proudly.

Each man is grateful for the fresh start that they have. “We are working hard to be able to do it on our own,” Angel said while we were standing in their front yard.

These unlikely friends now have a safe, affordable, and stable place to call home because of your support. They have the stability of their own home and a Christian community that supports them. Thank you!

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