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Ed is a soft-spoken, mild-mannered man who knows God’s voice. Ed has been an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and has earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Valley Forge. “I am a teacher, minister, and God follower. I want to shine a light in the darkness,” Ed said with a smile on his face.

You Saw and Supported Ed

Ed first came to the Mission when he lived in Philadelphia and volunteered at the Mission as a chapel speaker more than ten years ago. Since then, Ed has traveled across the country, sharing God’s love with people in need from Alaska to South Carolina. He is committed to his Christian faith and helping others to grow and realize their God given potential.

While in South Carolina in October 2020, Ed lost his wallet, including his vital records and all of his banking information. As a Pandemic gripped the world, Ed, a 69 year-old veteran, was left without many options. Facing homelessness, he immediately thought of Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission 500 miles north back in Philadelphia. “I knew that the Mission was a place where I could get the support I needed to get things straightened out and be a part of an authentic Christian community,” Ed shared.

After arriving at the Mission, not as a volunteer but as a guest, Ed reminded us that we all could face challenges that require us to ask for a hand up. His first order of business was meeting with Kelly, our Case Manager, to get copies of his birth certificate and social security card, which he needed to get  a new PA “REAL ID.” Kelly also helped get him connected with the Philadelphia Veteran Multi-Service Center.

Within a couple of weeks, things were moving in a positive direction for Ed. “Kelly was a big help. She was a friendly face who did what she said she would. She made sure that I got my paperwork, I got my ID, and I got all of my benefits worked out, and she got me started on getting my own apartment,” Ed said.

While he worked closely with Kelly, Ed also saw an opportunity to help others. Sunday Breakfast had always been a place where serving others was important. “Sunday Breakfast is a place where you know you can help, and your help will be appreciated,” Ed shared.  Within a week of arriving at the Mission, Ed started a daily morning Bible study. Together, alongside anyone who would join with him, Ed fostered a community that studied God’s word, shared triumphs and struggles, and prayed with one another.

After just 55 days at the Mission, Ed has moved into a one-bedroom apartment in North Philadelphia. Ed is still coming to the Mission to lead Bible study. “Just because I move doesn’t mean I am not a part of this ministry any longer. God is always working, especially at the Mission.”

Join with us as we celebrate Ed, his new place, and most of all his heart for God!

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