Founded in 1878

Maggie Estes

Helping the HUNGRY, Homeless and Hurting

Maggie Estes is 91 years old and a retired Missionary.  She dedicated her life to serving communities and sharing God’s love with the Philippines, where she served for more than 40 years. Her last trip to the Philippines was in 2013, for the 30th anniversary of a church she helped plant in Quezon City in the Philippines. While there, she also celebrated her 83rd birthday.

Maggie is a long-time supporter of the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission. In 1952, at the age of 22, she attended a large revival in Philadelphia where she committed her life to Jesus and prayed with the then Mission Director’s daughter. From that point forward, she knew she was called to Ministry, and she went on to attend Moody Bible College.

While at Moody, she discovered that her great-great-grandfather, PA Governor James Pollock, helped found Sunday Breakfast nearly 77 years earlier. She ad always knew he had been an important historical figure, including his friendship with President Abraham Lincoln, advocacy for getting “In God, We Trust” added to our currency, and serving as the first US Post Master General.  Most importantly to Maggies is her great-great-grandfather’s commitment to walking out his faith every day of his life in the service of others.

We are truly grateful for the legacy of Governor Pollock and supporters like Maggie Estes.

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