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Ways To Give

IRA Distributions

Helping the HUNGRY, Homeless and Hurting

After you reach 70½, you are required by the Internal Revenue Service to begin withdrawing money from your individual retirement account. This requirement offers a good opportunity to give tax-free dollars to your favorite charity or church. To learn more contact Elizabeth Hefner, Director of Advancement, (215) 922-6400 x1005 or

What is a qualified charitable distribution (QCD)?

It’s an IRA withdrawal when you are 70½ or older that would normally be taxable, but becomes tax-free when it is paid directly to a qualified charitable organization.

Is there a dollar limit?

Individuals may give up to the maximum amount of $100,000 each year. Married individuals filing a joint tax return could each qualify for an income exclusion up to $100,000, and then could give away $200,000 jointly.

Can a qualified charitable distribution count as my required minimum distribution?

Yes. You can direct the entire required minimum distribution to be transferred to a qualified charity and
it will count toward meeting your required minimum distribution for that tax year.

Download a full guide to donating your IRA distributions or  contact Elizabeth Hefner, Director of Advancement, (215) 922-6400 x1005 or

Unconditional Giving

Next Level Transitional Housing

In addition to meeting basic life needs for men, the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission enables those men who are committed to a positive life change to address their problems through a 12-month transitional housing program

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities for groups with Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission take place at our Center City and Germantown locations.

Get Help Now

Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission would like to come alongside you in this difficult stage of life. Be sure to visit the Mission at 13th and Vine or call our Homeless Services Team at (215) 922-6400 ext. 1050.

Financial Transparency

Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission is committed to transparency in our daily operations, as we seek to be wise stewards on behalf of our donors.

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