Founded in 1878

What We Do

Providing for the practical and spiritual needs of hungry, homeless and hurting.

Helping the HUNGRY, Homeless and Hurting

Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission offers a variety of programs and services to accomplish our mission of providing for the practical and spiritual needs of hungry, homeless, and hurting individuals in the Philadelphia area. It is our desire to meet the immediate needs of our guests and to create an environment which inspires real life changes that lead to restoration and rehabilitation.

We Offer The Following Services For Homeless Individuals

Meals and shelter

Since its founding in 1878, meals have been an essential service provided by the Mission to the disadvantaged men, women, and children in Philadelphia. Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission provides three meals a day every single day of the year to anyone in need. The Mission serves the most indoor meals to the homeless community in Philadelphia. In addition to serving meals, the Mission provides emergency homeless shelter services to men in our community. Sunday Breakfast provides 200 beds to those in need, and is equipped with additional cots when numbers swell due to extreme weather conditions. The Mission also offers a host of health clinics. On Mondays, a nurse from Public Health Management Corporation spends a day caring for the homeless. Every week Medical students from Thomas Jefferson University host a comprehensive medical clinic called JeffHope. A bi-weekly foot clinic is hosted through Best Foot Forward. The Mission also provides weekly HIV testing and Hepatitis testing.

Men’s Transitional Housing Program

The Next Level Program is a twelve month transitional housing program available to emergency shelter guests that are seeking stability, spiritual development, and long-term success. The goal of the program is to equip homeless men with the practical and spiritual life skills they need to be self-sufficient individuals and positive contributors to society. Men in the Next Level Program maintain up to  a one-year residency at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission and reside in private living quarters on the Mission’s fourth floor. The Next Level Program is individualized the meet the unique needs of each participant. Case management, participating in a church community, volunteering to serve in their community, vocational and education support are all central components to the program.

Unconditional Giving

Next Level Transitional Housing

In addition to meeting basic life needs for men, the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission enables those men who are committed to a positive life change to address their problems through a 12-month transitional housing program

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities for groups with Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission take place at our Center City and Germantown locations.

Get Help Now

Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission would like to come alongside you in this difficult stage of life. Be sure to visit the Mission at 13th and Vine or call our Homeless Services Team at (215) 922-6400 ext. 1050.

Financial Transparency

Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission is committed to transparency in our daily operations, as we seek to be wise stewards on behalf of our donors.

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