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Helping the HUNGRY, Homeless and Hurting

Serving men and women experiencing homelessness requires that we work together with partners to meet the needs of every person who comes to the Mission hungry, hurting, and homeless.

JEVS  Has offered weekly behavioral health support services at the Mission for re-entering citizens since August 2019. This is a pilot program, exclusively offered at SBRM, integrates behavioral health and re-entry support services in a support group setting. A dedicated JEVS staff member leads the group each week. This pilot program is a part of JEVS “Looking Forward Philadelphia” program Looking Forward Philadelphia provides an array of social services and employment help designed to meet the immediate and longer-term needs of individuals returning from incarceration. The three seniors participating in the SENIOR LEVEL program are all returning citizens who benefit from this support group.  

JeffHOPE  JeffHOPE is the largest student-run free clinic nationally, by the number of members, number of patients treated, and by operating budget. They have a staff of roughly 50 committee members (second-year medical students) and 13 directors (third-year medical students). Its free clinics operate under the guidance of Jefferson’s Department of Family and Community Medicine. JeffHope Clinics provide acute, basic medical care and help individuals and families experiencing homelessness access resources and healthcare providers that are better equipped to care for them long-term. JeffHOPE began operating its SBRM clinic site in January 1997 and takes place every Tuesday from 5:00 pm-9:30 pm. 

Best Foot Forward Philly (BFFP)  BFFP was founded as the project of Albert Schweitzer Fellow Kara Cohen in 2012 at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission to address the podiatric healthcare needs of Philadelphia’s homeless population. What began as a small service staffed by a handful of dedicated friends and nursing colleagues has grown into a bi-weekly clinic with hundreds of volunteers serving over 1,000 individuals with over 2,000 visits. Best Foot Forward Philly provides homeless clinics with a restorative experience where they receive a health evaluation, foot soaks, a clean pair of socks, and education on foot care and other health services. The clinic collects no identifying patient information and has a low barrier to entry to serve a population that may not otherwise seek services. This clinic operates every other Thursday from 5:30 pm-8:00 pm at the Mission.

 Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) – PHMC has a nurse onsite at the Mission three days a week (Monday-Wednesday) from 7:00 am-12:00 pm. This nurse provides acute health screenings, referrals, HIV/Hepatitis testing, and on-going medical care to all of SBRM’s residents.  Additionally, PHMC provides technical assistance to SBRM’s meals program through health recipe development, staff training, and identifying sources for donated healthy foods. 

 First Step Staffing – Since December 2019, SBRM has collaborated with First Step Staffing to host a weekly job fair at SBRM. First Steps Staffing aims to employ those who struggle most to break their own cycles of poverty, giving preference to those who have recently experienced homelessness, military veterans, and individuals who have been previously incarcerated. 

 The Block Church  The Block Church began partnering with SBRM in Fall 2019. They currently provide spiritual encouragement and care for those at the SBRM who chose to participate. The Block Church offers both Sunday Worship Service, one-on-one meetings, and group discussions each week – as well as offering volunteer opportunities within the Church to engage others in relational and practical interactions with our Guests. 

Community Design Collaborative (The Collaborative)  In response to COVID-19, SBRM is partnering with The Collaborative to implement COVID-19 SWAT design responses to improve the health and quality of life of SBRM’s residents. The Collaborative SWAT team made of 10 professionals who provided design plans to address social distancing, wayfinding for the to-go meal offerings to community members needing meals during the pandemic, and improving the aesthetics of the interior spaces to better serve SBRM’s guests. Through this partnership, SBRM was provided detailed ideas and plans to create social distancing through ground markers outside and inside to indicate six feet distances, designs for wayfinding for the new to-go meal service to non-residents, and interior paint schemes for our 1st Floor common areas. SBRM is in phase 2 of 3 phases of implementation.  

 Mural Arts Philadelphia  In response to COVID-19, SBRM partnered with Mural Arts Philadelphia through their Space Pads project. Collaborating with local businesses and organizations, Mural Arts is giving back and helping Philadelphians practice safe distancing. Space Pads, temporary vinyl floor tiles set at six-foot intervals, are each designed by a local Philadelphia artist. These Space Pads were installed around SBRM’s sidewalks as well as inside to help provide encouragement, beauty, and clear indicators for all to stay six feet apart. This is an essential aspect of our COVID-19 response, especially for our seniors who are more vulnerable to this virus. This partnership was the direct result of our partnership with the Community Design Collaborative. From this partnership, an additional mural has been designed is being installed on Pearl Street adjacent to SBRM’s main guest entrance. This mural will provide positive and inspiring visuals and additional aesthetic engagement for all who use this space.

 Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP)  Established in 1990, the Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP) is the only legal services organization dedicated to providing direct civil legal services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia. HAP also advocates for the needs of the City’s homeless population, promoting positive changes in policies that impact those needs. HAP provides monthly civil legal clinics at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission for more than a decade. HAP’s services include accessing benefits like SSI and SNAP; obtaining Veterans benefits, health care, and discharge upgrades; enforcing family law rights; securing shelter and other supportive services; and replacing or correcting identity documents. HAP provides essential free legal services to SBRM’s residents. 

 Asian Arts Initiative (AAI) – Connecting cultural expression and social change, Asian Arts Initiative uses art as a vehicle to explore the diverse experiences of all communities, which include Asian AmericansAAI and SBRM are both active neighbors in the Callowhill/North Chinatown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Since 2012 AAI has partnered with SBRM on various projects including adding windows to SBRM’s dining room, building SBRM’s parking lot urban farm, teaching art classes, and participating in community assessments and designs. The collaborative, AAI, and SBRM have submitted a proposal to the William Penn Foundation to complete a Community Designs Pocket Park on the 1300 block of Pearl Street. 

 The Wilma Theater – The Wilma Theater creates living, adventurous art. We engage artists and audiences in imaginative reflection on the complexities of contemporary life. We present bold, original, well-crafted productions that represent a range of voices, viewpoints, and styles. Most recently, AAI, SBRM, and the William Theater’s Education Department are launching the 1,000 paper crane project as a tangible art project in response to COVID-19. In Japanese culture, when you fold 1,000 paper cranes, you receive a wish. This project invites and encourages SBRM residents, community members, and Philadelphia at-large to collective fold paper cranes. The aim is to engage participants in a thoughtful process to create tangible art that will then be combined into an art installation at SBRM to celebrate the resiliency, beauty, and grit of the pandemic. 

The Curtis Institute for Music (Curtis) – Curtis educates and trains exceptionally gifted young musicians to engage a local and global community through the highest level of artistry. In 2018, Curtis began providing interactive performances at SBRM. Students perform music in the Mission’s dining room quarterly, stay to serve lunch, and then dine with SBRM’s guests. Performances include a discussion with our guests engaging them in expressing how particular pieces of music make them feel, musical history, and some musical theory. 

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Next Level Transitional Housing

In addition to meeting basic life needs for men, the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission enables those men who are committed to a positive life change to address their problems through a 12-month transitional housing program

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Volunteer opportunities for groups with Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission take place at our Center City and Germantown locations.

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Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission would like to come alongside you in this difficult stage of life. Be sure to visit the Mission at 13th and Vine or call our Homeless Services Team at (215) 922-6400 ext. 1050.

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