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Suburban Outreach

Helping the HUNGRY, Homeless and Hurting

Homelessness is not just an inner-city issue.  It affects men, women, and children throughout the greater Philadelphia area. By a conservative estimate, there are over 900 individuals living in a homeless environment not suitable for human habitation.

Outreach Work

In 2011, the Mission initiated an outreach program in Bucks County to minister to the growing needs of the homeless community. The needs in our surrounding communities became so apparent the Mission expanded the outreach program in May of 2015 to include Montgomery County. The efforts of these programs have been focused on homeless prevention and poverty alleviation through the work of one outreach coordinator in each county.

Our Outreach Coordinators focus on working with those who may be facing the threat of losing their home and need support. Homelessness has a high recidivism rate.  In providing a support structure, we see that the cycle of homelessness does not get the chance to flourish. This preventative approach has the ability to slow and at times stop the cycle of poverty that can overtake a person or family once they become homeless.

It is the mission of Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission to meet both physical and spiritual needs.  The Outreach Workers do so much more than to meet tangible needs, as they recognize that breaking the cycle of poverty goes beyond meeting a physical need. While not a requirement to receive services, our Outreach Workers offer spiritual support and guidance as a means of total life transformation.  Providing a simple prayer, sharing words of encouragement or the truth and healing words of Jesus Christ can give someone hope for the future. The hope of our relational approach is that through the process of overcoming obstacles, individuals would come to see their value and dignity as human beings.

Bucks County and Montgomery County have traditionally been known as areas with limited poverty, however, our Outreach Workers have witnessed firsthand that poverty is right next door. Unlike walking the streets of Center City Philadelphia where material poverty can be seen on virtually every street corner, it is far easier in suburban communities to ignore or miss those around us who are hurting and homeless. Part of the work of our Outreach Coordinators is to bring to light the significant and serious issues facing the homeless and impoverished in their respective communities. This is done through learning from those who have been working in the communities prior to our Outreach Workers and spreading awareness to those who may be interested in helping for the first time.


The Bucks County Furniture Bank provides furniture, household items, and clothing to the formerly homeless.

Bucks County Furniture Bank & Clothing Bank

In partnership with thirty other Bucks County agencies and churches, the Bucks County Furniture Bank, functioning out of the SBRM Penndel Thrift Store, is a resource for people who were once homeless as they transition into their new home. Furniture, housewares, and clothing are made available to individuals who were once homeless and are referred to the furniture bank by a church, agency, or our outreach worker.

If you are a pastor or case manager, then we invite you to use this resource to help someone who has been homeless within the past two years.

Fill out the Case Manager Referral Form associated with the appropriate bank and email the completed form to to get started!

Case Manager Clothing Bank Referral Form

Case Manager Furniture Bank Referral Form

If you have further questions about this work or you are interested in finding out how you might partner with the work happening in Bucks or Montgomery County please contact:


Nick Otte

Bucks County Outreach Coordinator & Furniture Bank/Clothing Bank Coordinator


Marian Stroup

Montgomery County Outreach Coordinator

Unconditional Giving

Men’s Shelter

In addition to meeting basic life needs for men, the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission enables those men who are committed to a positive life change to address their problems through an intensive 16-month program.

Women’s Transitional Home

The purpose of Wayne Hall, the women’s ministry of Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, is to teach women how to restructure their lives according to the Word of God.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities for groups with Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission take place at our Center City and Germantown locations.

Food Drive

Churches, schools, businesses, and other organizations can help the homeless and hurting men and women at the Mission by collecting non-perishable food items.*

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